This Sunday, all services and programs will be moved online.
Why Community Groups? 
Sunday Services do not always provide the environment to connect with others and develop meaningful relationships. Furthermore, our current situation with the Coronavirus pandemic has created necessary but unfortunate isolation, separation, and loneliness.
Online community groups can help meet the needs of our people by providing opportunities to gather, talk, connect, and grow. Group members will utilize Zoom to hear and see one another regularly with discussion surrounding the Sunday sermon.

What do I need to be a part of an online group? 
To make community groups happen we will utilize Zoom, an online video conferencing platform. Members will need a computer with a webcam and a microphone, a smartphone, or tablet (like an iPad).

When would groups meet? 
Once a week, probably in the evenings. Though, some may prefer other times.

Who would be in my group? 
It's likely that groups will have some specificity in terms of age, gender, married status, etc.

What if things don't work out with my group? 
There are lots of reasons for not sticking with a group. Schedules and seasons change. Sometimes, we don't "gel" with the people in our group as well as we thought we would. We're big on easy on-ramps, but we're also big on easy off-ramps. If a group isn't working for you, we'd be happy to help you find one that does. Finding the right group isn't always easy, but once you connect with one that works well for you, you'll see that it's worth it.

What would groups discuss? 
To start, the topic of each group would be on the previous Sunday’s message. Church staff would provide discussion questions.

What if I have questions? 
Contact Pastor Tom Pryor.

I think I want to join a group. What now?
Click the button below and fill out the form.