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last week | SEPTEMBER 18, 2022

"Question  #2" | Five Questions You'll Be Glad You Asked: Part 2

Lou Pizzichillo

Emotions play a powerful role in the process of decision-making... and it's not always a bad thing. Our second question allows us to use our emotions to our advantage when it comes to making better choices.

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"This place has become my home. I feel like I can be a part of this church without putting up a front and trying to act perfect." – D.R.
"Starting from the parking lot, everyone I saw had a big smile on their face and was so welcoming! I got to get coffee and a bagel and enjoyed great music and a relevant message! Thank you for making me feel right at home!" – J.S.
"Community church felt like a  Community. I experienced a very welcoming atmosphere, from warm,  genuine people.  I am not a church person,  but this place felt comfortable to me!" – H.B.
"I've been coming here for about 2 month and absolutely love this church .The staff  at the church make you feel like home .They are so nice and service is amazing .I would definitely recommend going to there services on Sunday" K.B.