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The Pizzichillos

About ten years ago, Lou and Allie started dreaming about starting a new church on Long Island. Today, with the help of the amazing people on their Launch Team, some radically generous partner churches, the Orchard Group, and of course, God, they are working to see this dream become a reality.

Lou and Allie live on the South Shore of Long Island in the town of Babylon with their daughter, Mia (5),  their son, Logan (3), and a few raccoons that won't go away (ages unknown).

The Pizzichillos

In November of 2012, Lou and Allie moved  to Long Island with dreams of starting a church. Shortly after, they connected with Three Village Church, where Lou has been the Associate Pastor. Lou and Allie have a daughter, Mia (4), a son, Logan (2), and a few raccoons that won't go away.

Lou Pizzichillo

Lou is a Long Island native who loves basketball, pizza, Apple, graphic design, the Giants, practical jokes, underdogs, Zebra pens, changes, and jumping from high places. He has an undergraduate degree in Pastoral Leadership and is working toward  a Master of Divinity at Fuller Theological Seminary.

Allie Pizzichillo

Allie grew up in Lynchburg, VA, and is loving life on Long Island. She graduated with a degree in Psychology and is currently earning a graduate degree in Education. She loves new adventures, coffee, Trader Joe’s, summers on the beach, being a mom, and sharing the highs and lows of parenting with other moms.  

We’re excited to announce that we have officially partnered with Orchard Group.

With all the uncertainty of the church planting process, Orchard provides guidance, support, and accountability to planters seeking to establish new communities of faith. In partnership with Orchard, we’ll have an external oversight team made up of the lead planter (Lou), an Orchard Staff member (Brent Storms), and several other pastors who have experience in church planting and whose churches are invested in the future of Community Church. In addition to this, Orchard will help with the legal side of ministry, the process of establishing partnerships, and oversight of our finances.
“Orchard Group has an exceptional track record of planting churches in cities. Over 95% of churches started by Orchard Group become independently viable. Currently, churches planted by Orchard Group that are under five years old are reaching over 300 people on average; churches five to ten years old are reaching over 600 and churches ten to twenty years old are reaching nearly 1,200.”
Lou and Allie have been vetted and trained by ARC (Association of Related Churches), an organization that exists to help launch, connect and equip churches and pastors.